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How to Edit Posts

First visit the Github Repository. Once you are there, press . on your keyboard. This will open up a new web editor with a complete file system.

Navigate to pages/posts/markdown. All of the posts are stored here. Adding a new file or editing any file is the same as adding a new post or editing any post.

Every new post should start off with a header that describes what it is. For example, this post contains the following header. title is the bolded header displayed to the user, date is when the post was written, and description should include a simple summary.

title: How to Edit Posts
date: 3/14/2022
description: How to add and edit posts on the Del Oro FFA Website

Ideally, you should be comfortable with Markdown, a special syntax that is very intuitive and allows you to add formatting to plain text. If you have used Discord or Reddit before, you will be familiar with Markdown. If not, please visit the official guide.

It is extremely simple to use Markdown. For example, the following will render a link to Google.


What is shown on your end: link

While you are in the VS Code Web Editor, you can actually preview what the post will look like before your publish your changes. Look in the top right, where you will see some icons. If you hover over them, one of the icons will say "Open Preview to the Side". Click on that.

editor with preview

Once you've finished making your changes, look at the left hand panels and select the one directly under the search icon. It should say "Source Control" if you hover over it.

source control

List what you've changed and click the check mark. This will "commit" your changes, which will be live on the website within a minute. If you don't see your changes or can't figure out how to modify posts, please let me know.